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Simple Cupcake Tutorial For American Girl

Cupcake tutorial for American Girl

Does your doll have a birthday coming up? Perhaps she loves to bake or has a market or treat shoppe? Or maybe she just has a sweet tooth. This tutorial will teach you to make simple cupcakes like these for your 18 inch friends. The bakery boxes will be shown later in another tutorial. 023Let’s get started! To make the cupcakes you’ll need:

  1. Plastic caps, ours came off of milk cartons. You can also find them on soda bottles, juice cartons, creamer, etc.
  2. Air dry clay or caulk
  3. Cotton balls
  4. Glue
  5. Paint
  6. A paintbrush
  7. A toothpick or dotting tool
  8. a small red bead or similar item for the cherry on top

Note: I made some with caulk and some with air-dry clay (Model Magic). the first set of photos are the cupcake made with clay. I recommend the air dry clay over the caulk, especially for children. If you’re interested in the caulk method, a tutorial and photos will be at the end of this tutorial. The green cap is clay, the white caps are caulk. 

First, make sure your plastic caps are clean and dry. Then put a dab of glue in the bottom of the cap and add a cotton ball.011

  • There are a few reasons I used a cotton ball for stuffing;  these get a bit heavy if they’re filled with clay,  (you don’t want your poor doll to break a toe if she drops a cupcake on it!), filling with a cotton ball means you have more clay left and can make more cupcakes!  It will cure faster and the clay is less likely to crack after it’s cured if it isn’t too thick.

When the glue is dry smooth air dry clay over the top of the cotton ball, pat the clay out in a circle slightly larger than your cap and smooth it over the cotton ball. 010I like to have a bit hang over the sides. 012To “frost” your cupcake, roll a long snake of clay013Fold it in half and twist the two ends together, then begin coiling it onto your cupcake top. If the clay is dry and doesn’t stick well, you can dip your finger in water and smooth the tiniest bit of water on the cupcake top.017continue coiling around and around . . . 018After you coil all the frosting on top, make little lines around each coil with your toothpick or tool. This is optional but I like the way it looks. 020Add a bead on top for a cherry. Leave your caps to dry. Once your cupcakes are dry,  you can frost and decorate them. I decided I wanted mine to be chocolate so I carefully painted the cake part with brown craft paint. You could also use different colors of clay, I only had white and I try to use what I have. 021And it’s done!022

Now for the caulk method:

  1. put a dab of glue in the bottom of the cap and add a cotton ball.
  2. When the glue is dry, smooth caulk over the top of the cotton ball and set the caps aside to dry.005

Cut the top of the caulk tube with an Exacto knife in a notched pattern like this:001You need to cut the notches close to the top of the tip. This will make your caulk come out looking like frosting. I also like to use a caulk gun like this one:002I couldn’t work the caulk gun and the camera at the same time so I don’t have a photo here but squeeze the caulk on the cupcake in a circular pattern beginning at the outside edge of the cupcake and working in circles toward the middle. 010Add a small red bead, optional. After the caulk drys you can paint multi-color “sprinkle” dots on with your toothpick or dotting tool. You can also paint the caulk, we made some chocolate and left some white. 060Faux yummy for dolls!


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