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Tutorial; An Upcycled Chair For Mini Grace

Poor Grace, she’s been standing on a shelf for ages now.  We took pity on her and decided to make a chair. Grace is environmentally conscious and wondered if we could upcycle some furniture for her.  Faux sure, Grace! 019If your mini doll or fashion doll needs a place to sit, follow along.

To make this chair you will need:

  • A shampoo, conditioner or similar size bottle
  • Sharp scissors
  • a white plastic grocery bag or some batting and fabric
  • duct tape

Lets get started! This is the bottle we used004

We cut it in half and removed the label007Stood Grace next to each half and cut a curved shape off, leaving a chair shape behind. 002Grace was anxious to try it at this point, we humored her though it doesn’t look very comfy yet. 005We set this part aside, this part of the bottle will become a groovy chair for mini Julie. We’ll show that tutorial later. Grace’s chair will be made from the bottom of the bottle. We’ll let Grace sit in Julie’s chair while we work. 007First cut thin strips of duct tape and cover the edges. This will prevent cuts or scratches from any rough edges. You might notice there are different scissors in this picture. These are designated duct tape scissors. Duct tape gums up blades so I keep one pair just for this purpose. I never use my good scissors for this type of tape. 008next, cut strips of tape and start covering your chair. It’s easiest to do this vertically. I tried going around the bottle but the bottle is slightly curved and it created ripples in the tape. 009As I taped the curves, I cut the tape for the longest point and trimmed the edge after placing the tape.012Continue adding strips of tape around your chair. I also finished the inside on the back of the chair with tape. Then stuff the seat with your batting or plastic bag. 019Grace seems pleased.  She’d really like a bed . . . maybe after we make Julie’s chair. 🙂 Faux Fun, Faux Real!

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