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Mini Julie’s Chair; Works for Barbie and Monster High Too!

We made a chair for mini Grace with the bottom of a shampoo bottle. It looks like this, remember? 019We still had the top of the bottle and it turns out Julie is tired of standing all the time too. (I had no idea mini people were so demanding!) Julie’s chair needed to be quick, easy and mod. Follow along if your mini’s are clamoring for a chair of their own! 007Cut the bottle in half and remove the label. 002Trim the top half into a chair shape.002Sand the cut edge of the bottle if it is rough, we won’t be covering it with tape this time. Cut a cardboard circle that will fit inside your bottle. 005Measure your scrap of fabric to be sure it’s large enough. I simply tucked the fabric around the cardboard circle and taped the back, You could glue it with tacky glue or hot glue. I may change my mind about the fabric later and I wanted to be able to change it, that’s why I used tape.006Put the seat in the chair and plop your tired mini girl in!040Faux easy, faux comfy!

042These chairs work well for Barbie, Monster High and Ever After dolls too. 044 So easy we decided to make a few more. We made this one with a Pantene bottle. Don’t hate it because it’s beautiful. 😉

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