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Mini American Girl & Barbie Doll Food

Mini American Girl & Barbie Doll Food Photo Gallery.

These are photos of some of the playscale food I’ve made. They are roughly 1/6 the size of their “real” counterparts. Please contact me if you are interested in doll food in this scale. I don’t usually stock very much mini doll food in my shop but I am happy to make it for you.

Waffles, eggs and bacon. A delicious breakfast. 050

Breakfast on the patio

Breakfast on the patio

Lunch Time!

Lunch Time!


Turkey, lettuce and tomatoes on white bread, bananas and snack cupcakes. Oh happy day!

Cookies and tea cakes

Apple cider, tea cakes and a friend to share them with.


Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie


Fancy molded gelatin for Samantha



Cookies for a special valentine. <3

Christmas Cookies

Holiday Cookies


Valentine Cookies for Barbie

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