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Faux Real Food Studio

Faux Real Food Studio

Let me show you around the FRF (Faux Real Food) studio . . . and photo booth . . . and mail room . . . and sewing/hobby/library/doll room! Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Can I offer you a cuppa? Coffee? Tea? No? Come in, we’ll start just to the right of this door. We’ve had flooding to deal with so things aren’t as tidy as usual. You’ll also notice unpainted trim, missing baseboards, etc. Those should be fixed soon.


These are the closets, it is amazing how much I can fit in here.


Um, what do you mean you want to see the inside?! Okey dokey.

DSC_0002 (2)

On the left side is miniatures and sewing. Top shelf, patterns, sewing box, bag of felt, trims, etc. Second shelf, fabric. Fabric is rolled so it’s easier to stack and find. I’ve limited my fabric stash to one shelf. If it doesn’t fit on this shelf, I don’t keep it. That’s one trick to staying organized.  Keep all similar items in one place. If you scatter fabric all through the house, you don’t realize how much you have and it is difficult to find the piece you want. Third shelf, the brown box is all miniatures; tools, materials, patterns, etc. Tins hold buttons, thread, ribbon, vintage doll pins, the rolled fabric here is actually clothes that need altering or mending.  Bottom shelf, the two brown boxes hold projects in progress. The clear canisters hold trims, zippers, elastic, notions. Floor, craft foam sheets. (The giant white thing hanging on the door is a light reflector, we’ll get to that in a minute)

DSC_0001 (2)

On the right side is all things doll-ish. Top shelf, AG doll boxes as storage for the FRF doll dishes, pots, pans, cups, etc.. I buy these in bulk, you’d be surprised that such tiny dishes can quickly take over a room! I put cardboard dividers in each box and labeled them. This is a great way to have access and still keep clutter at bay.

DSC_0001 (2)

Second Shelf, Furniture for photo props. I had more than I needed. My last studio was tiny and I stashed the furniture all around the house in closets, cupboards, under beds, etc. Bad Idea. I ended up with three tables, two bureaus, and more chairs than I’ll ever need. <sigh> I’ve been paring down and this seems more manageable. I was able to outfit my daughter’s doll space with the extra pieces. (Sadly some of her furniture was ruined by the flood) The shelf was assembled to easily house the tallest piece,  Caroline’s Parlor. Another tip, measure the pieces you need to store before you purchase shelves. Third shelf, clear boxes with dishes, cups, glasses, bowls. The bulk is on the top shelf, I keep a few dozen of each piece here for easy access. Each container is labeled. This shelf also houses the doll hairbrush,  barrettes and photo props. Bottom shelf, items to review, a large bag of re-claimed packing peanuts (I save all the ones mailed to me and reuse them), my sewing machine case, a bucket of air-dry clay and the mini doll’s kitchen photo booth in a box. Keep watching, I’ll be doing a tutorial on making play/photo backgrounds that are easy to store.

Next to the closet are rubbermaid drawers that house all materials I’ve salvaged for upcycling. If it doesn’t fit in these drawers, I don’t keep it. On top is a tray that holds items to be photographed for the shop. Next is the orange dresser that is my high-tech photo booth. 🙂  I was doing a photo shoot with Grace here. Inside the dresser: top drawer, serving platters, bowls, cake plates and silverware used in my photos. Second drawer, extra blocks of polymer and a small painting tarp. Third drawer, small items to review. Fourth drawer, bias tape, craft ribbons.


So the giant white circle, it is a light reflector. My studio is in the basement and has just one window, not ideal for photography especially in the Midwest winters. I open the closet door and angle the reflector to catch a bit more sunshine, like this:


You may be able to see Caroline’s parlor peeking out, I just put a white tri-fold in front of it for these photos. Here is the photo booth without the white backdrop.

DSC_0003 (5)

Here’s one of the photos from the photo shoot with Grace. the reflector is a wonderful tool,


Ok, turn to your right and you’ll see my project table. It is counter height so I can work standing or sitting. That helps ease fatigue. This is where the magic of sculpting happens. 🙂  The table has cubbies on both sides, they hold baking tiles, adhesives, paints, extra pastels, colored pencils, etc. The drawers under the table house craft paper and seldom used scrap booking supplies.


Shop doll-models are on shelves in the corner. The top shelf has dolls in historical dress. Poor things, they almost never get changed. I have a girl for each era so I don’t have to change clothing and hairstyles when I need to photograph historical food. The lower shelf holds modern dolls dressed for two seasons. Right now they’re dressed for autumn and winter. Extra outfits hang on dowel rods attached to the shelf brackets. Here’s another tip, when you need more storage space, look up. Walls above chest height are usually empty.

Mini dolls are in stands to the right of the 18 inch dolls. I put the room box on top of the library card catalog when I need to photograph mini food. The card catalog holds shop inventory. Underneath the card catalog is shipping boxes and bubble wrap.


Move a smidge to the right, The long table directly in front of us is my sewing/polymer glazing/clay conditioning station. The pasta machine helps condition polymer, especially useful when old Arthur Itis is hanging around. Just behind the pasta machine is a drying rack my dad made for me. It’s a wooden frame with fine gauge wire on top. The metal tray is full of products that have been photographed and are waiting to be listed.

Along the wall is a bureau that holds office supplies, shop literature, bags and tape for packaging. On top is my compy, printer and scale. Hanging on the wall is a large magnetic board I made with sheet metal and MDF. It holds bits of inspiration, photos and beads in spice canisters. The “MOM” art was painted by my talented older daughter and the photograph is my handsome hubs. 🙂


Another right turn, and there’s the library. The middle cabinet is a secretary with a fold down desk. I use the desk as an epoxy station. Sadly, all the cabinets on that wall were damaged in the flood and need to be replaced. The bottoms are warped and unstable. But I digress, everything here is labeled. Having everything labeled and organized saves me so much time; no more searching for supplies.


Another slight right turn and we’re back to the beginning.


That is how you fit a studio, business, library, hobby room, mail room and photo booths all in one room. Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you have any questions.

4 Responses to Faux Real Food Studio

  1. Lilly Maiden December 10, 2015 at 11:22 PM #

    Ooo Winter! I love your work space! It is filled with things that scintillate the imagination and creativity but it is not messy. The difference of course, is organization! 😀 Without it the mind suffocates! ^_^

    • December 11, 2015 at 1:49 AM #

      Thanks Lilly Maiden! I always enjoy hearing from you, you have such a lovely way of saying things. 🙂

  2. MyLittleMegara December 2, 2015 at 12:27 PM #

    What a fun studio! I’m jealous! 😉

    • December 2, 2015 at 4:52 PM #

      It is fun! My last work space was roughly the size of a small walk in closet. It’s nice to have space. 🙂

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