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American Girl Tutorial- Kitty Cookies!

This tutorial will teach you how to make kitty cookies for your American Girl dolls. These are a great back to school snack, you can pack them in your doll’s lunch and they’re even cute enough for birthday parties and special celebrations.


To make them you’ll need;

Polymer clay in white, red, yellow and brown.

Craft knife, a ball tool or the blunt end of a paintbrush and an old toothbrush

Pencil, cardstock, eraser and scissors.

A regular size straw,  and  a tiny stir stick size straw.

Soft pastels in ochre, peach, burnt orange and medium brown.

First, draw a pattern of your cookie onto cardstock. If you don’t want to draw, you can find a picture you like that is about the right size. Cut it out.


Trace around the pattern onto heavy cardstock, fill in the facial features and cut it out, cut just outside the line you drew. If you want your pattern to last a long time, you can cover it with clear tape. Keep both of your patterns. The first one will be the pattern for icing, the second, slightly larger pattern will be used for the cookie.


Mix white polymer with a tiny piece of yellow; Approximately 10 parts white and 1/4 of one part yellow. You want the polymer to look like it is a cookie dough color. Roll the dough color out thin and place your cookie pattern on it. Carefully cut around the outside edge. Make as many cookies as you want.


Brush the back and sides of your cookie with pastels to make them look like they’ve been baked.


Here are the colors I use, in the order I use them.

dsc_0126dsc_0127dsc_0128dsc_0129When you are happy with the shading, use your brush to add texture to the back of your cookies. Dab or pounce the brush to create tiny holes.


Shading and texturing are optional but they make your cookies look like food instead of clay.

Here you can see the cookies before and after shading and texturing.


Set the cookies aside and carefully wash your work surface. You don’t want any pastels on your icing and decorations.


Pastels seem to spread everywhere and they’re hard to see. dsc_0140

Now roll out your white icing color: Roll it very, very thin. Place your icing pattern on top (the first pattern you made) and carefully cut around it.

dsc_0124 Carefully lift the icing and place it onto the top of your cookie. Make sure the side with “pastel baking color” is on the bottom and put the icing on the top.

dsc_0137Next roll out a small amount of each of the following colors: yellow, brown, red, and pink. I roll the yellow and brown very thin, as thin as the white icing. The pink and red are slightly thicker but not as thick as the cookie. You can make pink by mixing white and red together. Use the small straw to cut the yellow noses. Gently pinch the end of the straw so it is oval rather than round.

dsc_0146Continue to pinch it while you cut.


Cut the brown for eyes in the same way. I always cut extra in case I make a mistake.


Take the other end of the small straw and cut small circles of red and pink, don’t pinch the straw for these. They will be the center of Kitty’s bow. Use the large straw and cut several pink and red circles.


After you cut the larger red and pink circles, use the small straw to cut a section out of one side of each circle. Like this,

dsc_0154 These will be the sides of Kitty’s bow.

Lift the background polymer away from the pieces you’ve just cut and begin making Kitty’s face. Keep the extra brown piece flat, you will need it in a minute for whiskers.

dsc_0158A yellow oval for a nose, I like to pick up and place these small pieces with the tip of my craft knife.


dsc_0163 Next, two brown eyes,


Ok, whiskers. Take the left over brown, cut some very thin strips,

dsc_0167 cut each strip into sections and place them on Kitty’s face.


Now put a small red or pink dot where you want the middle of her hair bow to be. Then place one of the larger circles (the one with the end cut out) on each side of the smaller dot.


Use your dotting tool or the end of your paintbrush to create an indent on each side of the bow.



Bake according to package directions. Let cool. You can glaze them with Sculpey glaze if you want them to be shinier. Done! They’re so cute! And now that you know how to make a pattern, you can make cookies in other shapes and characters. Enjoy.

If you want to share this tutorial, please link back here. Thanks!



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