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Smile Maker!

Create a Smile Maker: Painting Tool Tutorial

Have you ever tried to paint smiles on tiny polymer gingerbread men or other creatures? It isn’t too difficult when you’re only painting one or two.

Gets a bit more difficult when you’re making a dozen or more and trying to make them somewhat uniform.

Therefore I created a tool to make the task more manageable. I call it a smile maker, rather original don’t you think. ūüėČ

Would you like to learn to make smiles? Follow along!

This is my custom smile maker.

Smile maker

Tools and supplies to create your smile maker:

First you need to assemble a few items;

*Wire; I like¬†the thickness and slight rubbery feel of florist’s wire but you can use any smooth wire.

Florists Wire

*Wire cutters

wire cutters

*Jewelry Pliers or a pencil or dowel. You need something with a smooth rounded surface in the same size you want your smiles to be because this will be used to shape your smile maker. I need two sizes, consequently I chose a tool that was small at the tip and larger at the other end.

jewelry pliers

*Polymer Clay (Optional) I used some scrap green clay leftover from another project to create a handle. This is helpful if you plan to use and reuse your tools.


Start by cutting a piece of wire about 8 cm long (about three inches)

Next bend the wire around the round part of your jewelry pliers or around the pencil top. You need to make the bend about the same size as the smiles you want to end up with. I made two;  one at the widest part of my pliers and one at the narrowest part.

It will look like this

Then hold the rounded bend in the flat part of your pliers. The sides need to be even. My smile bend is just peeking out the opposite side, you can just see it on the left

and bend the long edges down at a 45 degree angle

Now you have a wire that looks like this.

Finally, you need to twist the long ends, be careful so you don’t distort the smile part.¬†Now you have a basic smile maker.

Using your smile maker;

Your smile maker is ready to use.¬†Since I am going to use and reuse my smile maker,¬†I made¬†a handle for it. I shaped a long uneven cylinder out of a polymer. I made a shape that is comfortable for my hands.¬†If you’re only using it occasionally, you can use¬†your smile maker¬†without creating a handle.

I made two different sizes one tiny and one small. I poked each end into the opposite ends of a polymer handle and baked it according to the directions on my polymer package. This is how it works.

Dip the tip of your smile maker into paint, dipping at an angle is best


Gently touch the painted edge to the desired spot, practice on paper a few times first.

Practice some more, blot the extra paint on scrap paper if it is too thick.

With just a little practice you can achieve consistent smiles. ūüôā

Easy as pie! Wash the smile maker when you’re finished and you can use it over and over.


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