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Easy Doll Plate Tutorial For American Girl Dolls

Easy Doll Plate Tutorial

It can be difficult to find plates, silverware, kitchenware and serving ware for your 18 inch vinyl friends. So I have a very simple tutorial for plates.

This is a photo of my finished plates, cute right? I used this shade of green because it is reminiscent of the vintage Jade ware I imagine Kit’s family using. I also used white because it is classic and works with any doll’s collection.

Jade ware and white doll plates

You will need just three items to make your own doll plates:

  1. Canning jar lids. You need the inserts, the flat disc, not the threaded ring. They come in two sizes, I like to have some of each size.

    Canning lids

  2. Rubbing alcohol or sandpaper
  3. Spray paint in the color of your choice.

    Spray paint

I use canning jar inserts that have already been used for food because they are difficult to reuse for canning so they are often thrown away.

First you need to lightly sand each lid or clean with rubbing alcohol. This will help the paint to stick.

Then wash the lids with clear water and dry thoroughly.

Spray paint the top of each lid. Use two light coats instead of one thick coat to minimize drips. It is important to only paint the top of your lids since the paint will not dry if it gets on the rubber seal. If that happens it might rub off on your dolls or furniture. I use an old cardboard carton to contain the spray paint. I place the box in my garage, lay the lids flat in the bottom of the box and spray.

Spray paint box

Let the paint dry for a few days to decrease the chance of scratching the finish.

Serve your doll dinner on her new plates. Faux Easy, Faux Fun!

Doll dinner plates

You can also get creative and decorate your doll plates after the paint dries. I decoupaged vintage designs on these for Maryellen and all my 1950’s dolls.

1950’s doll plates

Enjoy! I’d love to see photos of the doll plates you make.

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