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Small Backdrop For Photos or Display

Make a small backdrop to take photos or display your dolls.

This simple tutorial will give you a creative way to display your dolls. In addition, it is almost free to make!

First of all, gather your supplies:

  • Cardboard or corrugated plastic
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • wallpaper sample book or paint
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • Ruler and yardstick
  • Thin cardboard from a cereal box or crackers
  • Craft paint

Begin by deciding how large you want your backdrop. It is helpful to place a doll on the corrugated plastic so you can decide. Mine will be 21 inches tall. While bigger may seem better, you want to be sure you have room to keep and store it.

Next, mark the measurement and cut the background using a craft knive.

Decide how wide you want each of your two walls. My shelf is 8 inches deep; therefore my walls are 11 inches wide and 7 inches wide. It can’t be much bigger because It won’t fit on my shelf. I mark the line on my corrugated plastic and I score it with my craft knife. To score it, you cut through the top layer but not all the way through. Due to the scoring, you get a crisp, neat fold.

Because it is an “L” shape, it can stand up. Use a piece of the scrap plastic and cut a step to reinforce the corner. It should be as long as the shorter wall but much shorter than the long wall. If you want to add a floor, you can cut it to fit both the short and long wall. Your backdrop is built.

Time to decorate!

Next, decide what you want your backdrop to look like. I am making a front door/front porch.

You can paint it or glue on decorations. I have a discontinued wallpaper sample book so I’m gluing on the wallpaper.

I added a door on the short wall and a window on the longer wall. The door and window are more wallpaper samples. I had to piece it due to the size of my paper. While I have some gaps, they are not a problem. I’ll cover them with trim.

Take your thin cardboard and cut out the trim. I cut several strips 1/2 inch wide and I cut 3 curved pieces to go over the top of the door.

Time for Trim

Next, glue on the trim. I used hot glue foor everything. Make sure you stagger the seams on your trim to make it stronger.

I use an old plastic credit card to smooth the trim. The card keeps my fingers from getting burnt by the hot glue.

Set this aside and cut a piece of paper larger than your step. Glue the paper to the step; cover the front edge and outer edge but do not cover the two sides you will glue to the backdrop because you want to glue plastic to plastic for stability. Glue in your step. Hold it while the glue sets. 








The last thing you need to do is paint your trim. This is optional. I think I liked mine better before I painted it. Make sure the paint is dry before you place your doll in the backdrop.

If you crop it close, it looks like your doll is home.

Use your imagination and make a setting for each of your dolls. Furthermore, you can decorate the back so you can have two scenes. They’re great for photos, play and display. Most importantly, have fun!

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