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DIY Lounge Chair For Mini American Girls

DIY Lounge Chair For Your Mini American Girl

(18 inch doll option at the end)

It is difficult to find ready made furniture in the right scale for your mini AG’s.  Therefore it’s time for DIY! And rather than being content with pink, you can design it to your taste.

First gather your supplies. You will need:

  • Corrugated plastic or cardboard
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Sharpie or pencil

Begin by measuring and cutting the pieces.

  • One 10 cm x 5 cm. Score this at the 5 cm mark so it will fold in half. This is the seat and back.
  • Two 6.5 x 2.5 cm for the arms/legs
  • One 4.7 x 9 cm for the footrest
  • One 4.7 x 1.5 cm for the front footrest support
  • One 4.7 x 1 cm for the back footrest support
  • Two 5 x 1.3 cm supports/holders for the footrest

Let’s Get Started

First, fold your chair seat/back to an angle you like and glue it to one arm/leg piece.

Do the same thing on the opposite side.  Stand your chair up while the glue is soft so you can be sure it is level.

Glue the back support to the end of the leg rest

Turn your chair upside down and dry fit the bottom supports/footrest holders. Don’t glue them yet because you need to be sure the footrest can slide. Due to differences in the thickness of your material, you might need to adjust.

Slide the foot rest in to be sure it has enough room to slide after the supports are in place. Your footrest needs to slide easily while also keeping the back support from sliding through. When you are happy with the fit, glue the support/holders in place. (NOTE: This photo is not the actual footrest so don’t worry if yours looks different)

After the glue for the supports set, slide the footrest in place from the back of the chair.

Push the footrest all the way though to the front

and glue on the front footrest support.  Your lounge chair is finished. You can paint it, decoupage it, sew tiny cushions for it, finish it anyway you like. I like the way mine looks unfinished.

Finally, let your mini try it out. Rebecca seems to like it.

Since you have everything out, seems like a good idea to DIY a lounge chair for your big American Girl.

You can increase the size and make this for your 18 inch girls too. Here is another option for the 18 inch dolls. Furthermore, this is super simple!

First of all measure and cut corrugated plastic;

  • One 16 x 30 cm, scored in half at the 15 cm mark for the seat/back
  • Two pieces 19 x 8 cm for the arms/legs
  • One piece 24 x 8 cm for the footstool. Score this one at 7 cm from each end
  • One piece 11 x 4 cm for the footstool support

I don’t have step by step photos. I just glued the two arm/leg pieces to the chair seat back. See steps one and two for the mini chair. Then I folded the footstool into a squared u-shape and glued the support in the bottom. Done!

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