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Happy New Socks for a Happy New Year!

DIY Doll socks

Does your doll like happy socks? Are you looking for a simple New Year craft? Keep reading to learn how to DIY Doll Socks! 

This is a really simple way to make socks for your doll. You can use new socks but I usually use old socks that have holes in them. My socks always seem to wear out in the heal or toes. Perfect really because this project uses the cuff and leg.

You will need:

A thin sock; one adult sock makes a doll pair.


Thread to match your sock.

Sewing machine

A few tips:

*Read all the instructions before you begin.

*use a thin sock if you want it to fit under shoes. Thick socks make really cute slippers but won’t fit under most doll shoes.

*The sock used for this tutorial was a women’s crew sock. Different socks will give different results. You can cut more of the sock off if they are too long, measure from the cuff down. You can see the results from a child’s knee sock at the end of this tutorial.

*I don’t recommend hand sewing for this project. The knit unravels easily.

1.) Cut the sock just above the heal, leave the cuff and leg intact. The scissors are in the right spot.

2.) Turn it inside out and line the seam up so it is in the middle. (I changed socks here so you can clearly see the seam)


3. ) Begin sewing the foot part. You can just sew straight across the bottom but I prefer to sew the foot in a half circle so there is less bulk in the doll’s shoes.


4.) Sew around the foot in a half circle then sew all the way up the middle next to the seam.


5.) When you get to the top cuff, do not cut the thread. Make a knot then raise the presser foot, turn the sock around and sew over the seam to reinforce it.


6.) Sew the other sock in the same way. When you are finished sewing it will look like this.

6b.) The seams are hard to see above so I’ve drawn them to show where they should be. hmm, my sewing is better than my drawing. 😀

7.) Use your scissors to carefully cut down the center between the two seams.

8.) Trim the excess fabric around the feet

9.) Now you have two inside out socks.

10.) Turn them right side out and try them on your doll

Finished Socks

Lea is a very lucky doll. These socks are cashmere and were incredible soft and warm. I need to find another pair for myself!

I used a child’s knee sock to make thigh high stockings for Willa and tights for Emerson. The tutorial for tights will be posted soon. The tights wouldn’t fit under Willa’s American Girl skirt. The waistband is too tight.

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