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DIY Upcycled Doll Tights.

DIY Doll Tights

This is a simple way to DIY doll tights. While I have seen doll tights made from socks before, most of the tutorials give measurements to cut the socks; In my experience the fit varies widely with that method. Since some socks are very stretchy while others are not the measurements don’t always work. consequently I’ve ended up with doll tights that are much too big or on the opposite end of the spectrum , much too small. Instead this method tries the sock on the doll to determine where to cut the sock.

Materials you’ll need.

First of all, gather your supplies. You will need;

  • A women’s knee high sock or a girl’s knee high sock. See below for the size you’ll need.
  • thread to match the sock
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine
  • The doll you want the tights to fit.

For this tutorial, I am making tights for an American Girl brand Wellie Wisher doll. All of the tights in this size were made with girl size knee high socks. If you are making tights for an 18 inch doll you probably need a women’s size sock. While most women’s socks work, some do not. Rather than guessing, just try them on.

At the end of the tutorial I will add a few photos of tights I’ve made for 18 inch dolls. Since you are only using the leg and cuff of the sock, you can often use worn out socks. Seems like the socks in our family get holes in the heals or toes, as a result we have plenty of socks to turn into tights. If your dolls prefer socks to tights, check out this sock tutorial


1.) First turn the sock inside out and slip it over your dolls legs. If there is an obvious seam line it up in the middle back between the dolls legs because the seam will be hidden when you sew the tights. (My sock is not inside out. I measured the first few pair with the sock right side out and then had to re-measure after cutting it.)


2.) Next place a pin where the crotch should be.


3.) Place another pin where the bottom of the tights should be.

4.) Then remove the sock from your doll carefully to keep the pins in place.

5.) Cut the sock straight across about 1/2 inch below the pin you placed at the dolls feet. The half inch is for the seam allowance.

Line the design up the way you like and place a pin in the center by the bottom. Your sock should look like the one below.

6.) Next begin sewing the foot on the one side of the tights. I curve the bottom to fit the dolls foot. This makes the tights less bulky.

7.) Sew almost to the middle pin, lift the presser foot but keep the needle down, turn the sock and sew straight up to the pin you placed at the crotch. This will form the first leg.

8.) Sew almost to the pin at the crotch; then lift the presser foot while keeping the needle down and turn the sock. Make 3-4 stitches across for the crotch.

9.) Turn the sock again and sew down toward the bottom. Make sure you leave space between the two seams so you can cut between the legs. Before you reach the bottom, sew a half circle for the other foot.

10.) It should look similar to this. Your thread will not show, I used white on this one so you could see the stitching. (If the tights will be for a child to play with, reinforce the seam by stitching over it again.) 

11.) Carefully trim the bottom of the feet and cut between the stitching on the legs.

12.) Turn the tights right side out.

13.) Finally try them on your doll!

You can make tights to match all your doll’s outfits.

Because the brown socks were very stretchy I was able to make them fit a Wellie Wisher and an 18 inch American Girl Doll. Grace wore them for Thanksgiving, Syd’s tights were made from a women’s argyle sock.

Because Wellie Wisher skirts are very fitted I could not fasten Willa’s skirt with tights underneath. Since the tights didn’t work, I made thigh high stockings; however Emerson is wearing tights. As a result, I also made a sock tutorial.

In conclusion, make lots of tights and share photos! We’d love to see.

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2 Responses to DIY Upcycled Doll Tights.

  1. Stonehaven Estates January 27, 2018 at 4:52 AM #

    Awesome .. going to try this with my girls. They are always wanting tights to look good with outfits. Love sewing ideas.

    We just moved our blog to blogger so we can keep up with everyone easier as well as you all keeping up with us. I posted on playthings.

    • January 30, 2018 at 6:50 PM #

      Nice! I hope you’ll share photos of the tights you make. My daughters always wanted matching tights and I have to admit I think it is an adorable look. I’d try it myself if I could figure out how. 🙂

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