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Make a room box for Mini American Girl Dolls

Make a Mini Doll Room Box

Make an AG Mini Doll Room Box Do you need a photo backdrop for your mini dolls? Perhaps you just need a place to play with your mini dolls. If your 6 to 11 inch dolls need a doll room but you don’t have the space to dedicate this may be the perfect solution. If […]

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Faux Real Food Studio

Faux Real Food Studio Let me show you around the FRF (Faux Real Food) studio . . . and photo booth . . . and mail room . . . and sewing/hobby/library/doll room! Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Can I offer you a cuppa? Coffee? Tea? No? Come in, we’ll start just to the right […]

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Sausage, Egg, Waffle

Polymer Sausage Tutorial 1/3 Scale Sausage Tutorial 1/3 Scale Faux Real Food Delicious for your American Girls or other 18 inch dolls.¬†   Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect texture on your polymer sausage? If so, you’re in luck! ¬†Follow along and soon your 18 inch friends will have a yummy breakfast treat. For this craft […]

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Historical Food

This is a photo gallery of historically accurate Faux Real Food. Kit’s Oatmeal A Colonial feast for Felicity. Chicken pudding. Sweet potatoes and apples. Sally Lunn bread with apple butter. Green beans. Felicity’s tarts. Felicity’s molasses cake with sugared fruits.1940’s Lunch A proper Victorian tea for Samantha  

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