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008 copyWinter is the artist/creative genius behind Faux Real Food.
Her formal art education was at the University of Pittsburgh but she has been sculpting for as long as she can remember. Mudpies and mashed potatoes were her medium of choice as a toddler, Play-doh, salt dough and plasticine during her primary education and now she prefers polymers, epoxies, textiles and the occasional clay or upcycled bit of flotsam and jetsam.
In addition to sculpting, Winter dabbles in drawing, painting, clothing design & construction, textiles, wood turning and searching the Midwest for the perfect, unsweetened almond milk latte.
Her passions include her amazing husband, Thomas, her three gorgeous, talented, gifted children and upcycling the odd lamps and chairs that society discards. She is a tree hugging, latte sipping, Birkenstock clad, Prius driving, liberal who believes in social justice and treating every person with respect and kindness. She has been ridiculously, absurdly, generously, blessed with a wonderful husband and great kids. She has no idea what she ever did to deserve them but promises if she ever figures it out, she’ll share the secret with the rest of the world.
Her family cautions you against thinking her too perfect after reading the previous. They want to tell you she is also terribly picky about her surroundings, dislikes noise and TV, cannot tolerate clutter, gets lost in literature and is a tad bit hermit-like. She also cannot bear the thought of harming the earth by over consumption and has been known to wear the same dress in family Christmas photos . . . repeatedly . . . over a span of eight years. And yes, she does still have the dress.
Winter is surprised and delighted there is a market for beautifully crafted doll food and miniatures. She loves her work and is grateful for customers, family and friends who make this work possible.


Husband, Thomas wants you to know h021e does not sculpt; neither polymers nor potatoes. He does, however cook and clean and participate in the general running of a household and raising the family which gives Winter time to sculpt. He has also been known to package items and spends enough time at the post office to be on a first-name-basis with the staff there.



Daughter, Ella was the impetus in creating Faux Real Food. Several years ago, she desired a baking set and food for her 18 inch vinyl friends. The commercially available items were either “plasticky”, (a technical term all 9 year olds instinctively understand) expensive or both. She flattered her mother into sculpting the items her heart desired and soon Winter was beset with requests from other 18 inch vinyl beings and their childlike counterparts. Ella is the resource and development person behind Faux Real Food, keeping her finger on the pulse of doll trends and appetites.

Tom and Winter’s adult children, Mario and Nina are busy with their own lives. However they still find time to offer feedback, encouragement, emotional support and the gift of liking their parents and young sibling. Winter and Thomas are intensely grateful for the persons they have decided to be.

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