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DIY Upcycled Doll Tights.

DIY Doll Tights This is a simple way to DIY doll tights. While I have seen doll tights made from socks before, most of the tutorials give measurements to cut the socks; In my experience the fit varies widely with that method. Since some socks are very stretchy while others are not the measurements don’t […]

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American Girl Doll Toast Rack Tutorial and Giveaway.

American Girl Toast Rack Tutorial and Giveaway. Toast racks date back to the 1770’s and are still being manufactured today. They are designed to allow airflow between the slices of toasted bread so condensation does not make your toast soggy. Samantha and Grandmary would certainly have had one. Felicity’s grandfather likely used one and some […]

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Faux Real Food Kokeshi Doll Tutorial

Faux Real Food Kokeshi Doll Tutorial Would you like to make a Kokeshi doll in 1/3 scale? These little dolls fit perfectly in your American girl doll’s hand.  Grab your supplies and let’s begin! You’ll need: An old fashioned clothespin or doll pin A saw Polymer clay in colors of your choice Liquid Polymer (Translucent […]

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