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DIY Upcycled Doll Tights.

DIY Doll Tights This is a simple way to DIY doll tights. While I have seen doll tights made from socks before, most of the tutorials give measurements to cut the socks; In my experience the fit varies widely with that method. Since some socks are very stretchy while others are not the measurements don’t […]

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Smile Maker!

Create a Smile Maker: Painting Tool Tutorial Have you ever tried to paint smiles on tiny polymer gingerbread men or other creatures? It isn’t too difficult when you’re only painting one or two. Gets a bit more difficult when you’re making a dozen or more and trying to make them somewhat uniform. Therefore I created […]

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Crock Pot Tutorial in 1/3 Scale

Make a crock pot for your 18 inch dolls. This tutorial is fun and not too complicated but you’ll need a bit of patience so make sure you have enough time. Try not to rush the steps. Here are the supplies you’ll need: Masking tape. A metric ruler. Glue, I decided to use wood glue instead of […]

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Sausage, Egg, Waffle

Polymer Sausage Tutorial 1/3 Scale Sausage Tutorial 1/3 Scale Faux Real Food Delicious for your American Girls or other 18 inch dolls.    Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect texture on your polymer sausage? If so, you’re in luck!  Follow along and soon your 18 inch friends will have a yummy breakfast treat. For this craft […]

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American Girl Pot Tutorial

American Girl Pot Tutorial in 1/3 Scale

American Girl Pot Tutorial, 1/3 Scale for 18 inch dolls. Recently I ‘ve been searching for dishes, teacups, pots, pans and bakeware for my doll food. There really isn’t much available in this scale so I’ve been thinking about repurposing and upcycling. I’ve had some hits . . . and a few misses!  I’m pleased with […]

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Faux Real Food Kokeshi Doll Tutorial

Faux Real Food Kokeshi Doll Tutorial Would you like to make a Kokeshi doll in 1/3 scale? These little dolls fit perfectly in your American girl doll’s hand.  Grab your supplies and let’s begin! You’ll need: An old fashioned clothespin or doll pin A saw Polymer clay in colors of your choice Liquid Polymer (Translucent […]

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